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THE NORTH GEORGIA GAZETTE AND WINTER CHRONICLE is an annotated transcription of the 1821 newspaper, The North Georgia Gazette. The newspaper was written aboard an English ship trapped in the Arctic. The ship’s captain had the sailors produce the newspaper in order to ward off scurvy. Caroline Picard, (Ed.) describes THE GAZETTE as an “incredible existential metaphor, where, a group of people stranded in the dark, are forced to make their own meaning in order to survive the harsh conditions.” THE GAZETTE comes at a time of enormous environmental change, and it seeks to point out the importance of the relationships between humans and their surrounding environment. In addition to the entire 1821 newspaper, the book includes excerpts from Captain William Edward Parry’s ┬ájournal, original annotations by transcriber/poet Lily Robert-Foley, an introduction by St. John’s (MD) Professor Dr. Michael Comenetz, an essay about optimism and humilty by contemporary Arctic expeditionist John Huston and contemporary artwork by artists Deb Sokolow, Daniel Anhorn, Jason Dunda, and Nick Butcher. Layout and design by Jason Bacasa; co-edited by Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf.

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