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Founded in 2005, the Green Lantern Press (GLP) is an artist-run, 501(c)(3) nonprofit publishing house dedicated to the support, production, and dissemination of contemporary art, poetry, and philosophy. As a roving operation without physical headquarters, the GLP produces experimental art exhibits, critical print publications, and cultural events that promote public discussion and community. We are committed to funding artists in the commission and development of new work that brings forth ethical questions about how to ensure a more equitable and sustainable life for all. Since inception, the GLP has organized over 250 events and exhibitions while publishing more than 40 paperback editions in a range of genres from contemporary art, critical theory, fiction, and poetry.

Recent exhibitions produced by The GLP can be seen here; you can also visit this page to see The GLP’s publishing history.

GLP Staff

  • Caroline Picard (Executive Director, Editor, and Curator)
  • Devin King (Editor and Curator)
  • Fulla Abdul-Jabbar (Editor and Curator)
  • Caroline McCraw (Archive Manager)

GLP Board

  • Devin King (President)
  • Rebecca Mir Grady (Secretary)
  • John Tipton (Treasurer)
  • Monica Westin
  • Edra Soto
  • Lindsey Dorr-Niro
  • Caroline Picard
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