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Founded in 2005 by Caroline Picard, the Green Lantern Press (GLP) is a publishing house dedicated to the support, production, and dissemination of contemporary art, poetry, and philosophy. Since its founding the GLP has produced experimental art exhibits, critical print publications, and cultural events that promote public discussion and community. In 2022, GLP was adopted by the Hyde Park Art Center, the hub for contemporary art in Chicago. The merger integrates GLP into the Art Center’s existing Publications Program, which crystallizes the Art Center’s role as a critical presenting institution for emerging and mid-career artists in Chicago through exhibition catalogs and documentation, while building on GLP’S legacy of fostering dynamic dialogues between artists, writers, and audiences. Publications supporting emerging art writers and experimental projects will be curated by the Art Center and produced by GLP for local and national distribution. Past GLP publications will continue to be circulated and stewarded by Hyde Park Art Center.

Past exhibitions produced by The GLP can be seen here; you can also visit this page to see The GLP’s publishing history.

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