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The ARC Digest is an archive of the activities of Chicago’s artist-run spaces between 1999-2009. It acts both as a companion to, appraisal of, and extension for anĀ exhibition at The Hyde Park Art Center. Included are essays by Lori Waxman, Mary Jane Jacob, The Pond, John Neff/Scott Speh, Abigail Satinsky, Allison Peters Quinn/Britton Bertan, and the editors, Shannon Stratton and Caroline Picard; a series of interviews between Dan Gunn and the over 30 spaces participating in the exhibition. Interviews, essays and conversations alongside floorplans, exhibition histories and other visuals presents a 10-year time period in Chicago’s artist-run culture while providing history, reflection, critique and dialog about artist-run culture, its importance, difficulties, sustainability and necessity as well as its specificity to a community and generation. Co-published by ThreeWalls and The Green Lantern Press and designed by JNL Design

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