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Perpetually Strange catalogs the Hyde Park Art Center’s prolific and unconventional history from its founding in 1939 to its relocation to its current space in 2006. The publication features an illustrated timeline by Karen Wilson, as well as an array of interviews and statements by Deone Jackman, Chuck Thurow, Susanne Ghez, Mary Jane Jacob, Judith Russi Kirshner, Dawoud Bey, Jacqueline Terrassa, Karen Wilson, and Doug Garofalo. Also featured are written and visual reflections by artists who have been involved with the Center on the Art Center’s past, present and future. Artworks featured include works by Karl Wirsum, Lee Tracy, Phyllis Bramson, Patrick W. Welch, Matt Hanner, Paul Baker, Paul Nudd, Tom Kapsalis, William Cogner, Diana Guerrero-Macia, Audrey Niffenneggen, Melanie Dorson, Kathryn Kucera, Jason Pickleman, John Himmelfarb, Lena White, Lawrence Weiner, Lorri Gunn, Doug Garofalo, Grant Fishman, Mary Kennedy, Tom Torluemke, Angela Lee, Juan Angel Chavez, Art Avenger, and Marcos Raya. Lastly, Perpetually Strange includes an exhaustive list of the Art Center’s exhibiting artists and teaching artists up to the time of publication.

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