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Design: Sonia Yoon

Shadowed! confronts the slippage of time and action within Ellen Rothenberg’s 2015 Sector 2337 exhibition, elsetime. Sweeping through the studio of Bertolt Brecht, Woodstock in the sixties, Berlin in the nineties, and the Syrian protests of today, Shadowed! projects a dispersive, unfolding temporality. Beginning with a suite of elsetime photographs, the book continues with reflections on the show by Hannah B HigginsJeffrey Skoller, Caroline Picard, and Shawn Michelle Smith—spreading out from there into an artist’s archive that includes scanned fragments of writings by Stefan Brecht,  Allen Ginsberg, Angela Davis, and  transcribed contributions from  Simone Forti. A subsequent section includes documentation of performances produced in response to elsetime by artists, activists, and musicians Mark Booth, Alexandria Eregbu, Becky Grajeda,Terri Kapsalis, Tim Kinsella, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and Dao NguyenShadowed! ends with the transcript of a public conversation that took place within the original exhibit, capturing a discussion that incorporates an active audience. By layering these performative, photographic, and written encounters, Shadowed! allows the afterimage of an exhibition to unfurl beyond the gallery, beyond this book, and into its own elsetime.


“The four essays ground readers in specific moments in the vast expanse of history that Rothenberg’s work engages from the 1930s to the present. Together, these essays help unpack the labyrinth of meanings and allusions that each of Rothenberg’s objects offers. The writers reveal what Rothenberg initiates in ‘elsetime’: that histories change as different objects consume divergent subjectivities and as bodies come together to interact with them and their surrounding architectures.” —Newcity


“Rothenberg’s work investigates the tension between looking toward the past in the present moment, and the inevitable contraction into the future—as if to say we are all Januses looking back to disparate points in time, and in doing so take them with us into the future.” —BOMB

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