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An extended meditation on the sentence—an inquiry into how we make use of language to express our selves, and an investigation of how language helps shape and determine who and what those selves are. An imaginary conversation between Falstaff and Chuang Tzu, Veronica Lake and Ludwig Wittgenstein. A love story told through grammatical miscalculations, syntactical anomalies, and the fortuitous discoveries of vocabulary: “Intelligence is manifest in the ability to get what one wants, wisdom in the ability to properly determine what that is. For months he lived on Altoids, coffee, vitamin C, and the hope that she would call. There is no present like the one you imagined in the past. Skepticism as a kind of tourism. An economy all their own in which his vocabulary is not even legal tender. Printed in an edition of 500; layout and design by Jason Bacasa, with silkscreen covers (4 variations) by Alana Bailey.

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