The Pedway of Today



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In 2010, Chicago-based artist Hui-min Tsen led a series of free, guided tours through the Chicago Pedway—a circuitous and ever-changing route of indoor passageways throughout Chicago’s downtown. Using the Pedway one need never step outside; it links train stations, skyscrapers, civic departments and department stores, containing enough pedestrian traffic to host small, underground businesses as well. Unique for its ad hoc nature, Tsen used the Pedway system to speculate on the various and changing Utopic visions that have shaped not only Chicago’s city development, but also American culture. This book is the culminating synopsis of that artistic tour. With this 2-color, accordion fold artist book, one can—for the very first time—follow the same journey independently on foot, or while seated before a fire, in a comfortable living room chair.

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